What equipment is needed to trap a house mouse?

Trapping a mouse in home can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. There is any number of traps on the market today all claiming to be the best one. Here are the most popular kinds we have found and a short description of their operation and cost. You can buy an inexpensive and easy to use trap like a snap trap which operates by having a large bar slam down and break the mouse’s neck. There are glue traps that you simply lie out and allow the animal to become stuck where it stays till it either dies or frees itself. There is the cube trap that has a one way door. One the mouse is trapped you must remember to check the trap and free the creature or it will die from dehydration. All these choices cost less than 1.00 and require no special skills or tools to use. These traps are basically one – use traps, although you can empty, wash and reuse the snap trap if you want.

There are live traps available in all sorts of sizes. These are a bit more expensive. Smaller ones cost around 15.00. These traps feature on or two doors and a spring plate in the center. You bait the plate, and set the spring door(s) open. When the mouse enters and takes the bait, the door slams shut. This will only catch one mouse at a time. They are not difficult to use, but setting the spring door does require some patience. These traps are made to be reused, and are quite durable. If you want to “up” your game you can make a DIY one-way exclusion funnel that can be set up with a cage attached, or can just allow the mice to leave and not return. As implied by its name, the one-way exclusion funnel is a funnel shaped piece of hardware cloth (a flexible yet heavy wire screen) that is placed over a mouse made entryway. The mouse is able to exit through the large end of the funnel, but cannot re-enter through the small end.

If you attach a cage to the small end of the funnel, you can catch as many mice as it can hold. Just remember to check the cage often. When you are ready to release the live mice, it is suggested that you take them at least 6 miles. This one-way trap can be constructed by only using some screws and a screw driver in just a few minutes. It costs about 5.00 to make and can be reused many times. As previously stated, these are just the more popular traps on the market. If you look there are probably a dozen more. If you decide that DIY is not for you, call a professional. For a reasonable amount this trained expert will handle every aspect of your mouse eradication and leave you to concentrate on more important things.

Go back to the How to get rid of mice in the attic home page. You might also want to read about how to kill mice and why the use of snap traps is better than mouse poison. Read an analysis of the different types of traps and how to use them on the how to trap mice page. Learn why bait is not as important as trap type, placement and location. Also read a full analysis of mouse repellent to understand why it never works. If you see droppings and want to identify them, read the mouse poop page. If you need to hire professional help, read about how much does mouse removal cost? or you can read this site to learn how to do it yourself. Feel free to email me about What equipment is needed to trap a house mouse?

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