How do you remove a house mouse stuck in a garbage can or other place?

Once a house mouse is stuck in a garbage can or elsewhere, there is not much room to free it, but you can primarily choose how to end his suffering quickly. There are different ways to kill rodent quickly and efficiently, without causing unnecessary pain to animal. You can cover the lid and quickly end his life by cutting out air supply as well as crushing its body. If done quickly, without hesitating, this will not cause unnecessary suffering for the mouse. Now, when speaking about mice in your home, there are different options when it comes to removing them from your home, attic, garage or basement.

You can use poison, but this of course isn't very humane option, because it will cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. Mouse will not die instantly but will instead be in pain for hours, which is definitely something you don't want, right?! Besides, there is also possibility that poison could be first found by your pets or even children who could eat them-and this is definitely something that you want to avoid. So, poison aside, this is not something you will use.

Then, there are traps. Traps are effective way to catch and remove mouse from your home, and there are different types of them. For example, there are glue traps. This is trap you will make at home, placing a bait and a glue onto a piece of cardboard and mouse will get stuck onto the glue when he comes there attracted by the smell of food/bait. Now, once it is trapped, you can either remove it from the trap and your home, or you can quickly kill it and end his suffering. There are also snap traps, traps that come with a mechanism that will quickly snap over animal's neck and kill it instantly, once it releases the spring while trying to get the bait you put onto the spring. Then there are one way exclusion traps, which enable mice to get outside of your home, but instantly close after mouse goes through them, thus disabling them from getting back into the house.

With all said, it is evident that there are different effective methods to remove mice from your home, garage, storage, etc. However, what you need to think about is to make sure that mice will never return. This means safely sealing shut all possible entrances, and these are the smallest cracks and opening on your house. Mice can climb up against the walls as long as surface is uneven; they can climb onto the tree and drop on the roof and get from there in the attic, if any of windows is opened. Basically, you need to cut away all possible entrances-and then t think about cutting away all possible food sources, because this is the most important reason why mice will get into your home in the first place. Keep all the food safely closed in metal or plastic containers and you will do a lot in preventing mice from getting into your home.

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