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My name is David, and my goal is to educate people about proper wildlife removal. In the case of mouse removal, this means never using poison. It's worthless! It hurts more than it helps. Mouse removal is not easy - you have to block the mice out of the building, so that none can ever get in. That's the only way to solve the mouse problem.

I recommend hiring a pro who has experience to come to your house. Do not hire a big pest control company. They will try to sign you up to a never-ending monthly/quarterly poisoning contract. If you hire one of the guys I know, from my directory, they will solve the problem PERMANENTLY on the first try. Mouse removal takes experience to do right.

What to Do with Dead Mice in the Attic? Getting mice in the attic out should be the number one thing a person looks at doing. Doing this can take some time as there are a few things that people should do. The first thing that they need to be certain about is keeping anymore from coming in. This means they have to find any of the entry points and then seal it. This will limit how many mice they are going to have to get rid of. The next thing that they are going to have to do to get mice in the attic out is to put down snap traps. This will trap the mice. They will find that cheese or peanut butter can lure them into these traps. Once the mice have been caught, they are going to have to handle any dead mice smells. The thing they are going to need to do is clean the attic. The clutter in the attic invites the mice in as they use this for nesting. Any mice that are dead up there are going to smell so what they are going to have to do then is they are going to have to deodorize. Many want to put poison down, but this will cause more of a problem for them. There are others who might call someone who is wildlife professional to help them with this. This is advised only if they can find a good one which often times seems to be a hard thing to find, but doing these things can help.

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