What should I do if I find a nest of mice in the attic?

Mice are rodents that can invade our homes and create their own home within. They can be very damaging to our homes, but not many people realize just how greatly they can affect us. Mice are notorious at making a great mess with their droppings, and they can tear anything that they find in their path. Mice can actually cause great damage to wires and things that could be really important to us. Financially speaking, your expenses can go up as you try to fix the mess left behind.

On a general outlook, mice can seem really cute. One of the places where you can find the mice is the attic. These little creatures can cause a lot of damage within this area in a very short time span. In very little time you may find yourself with a mouse infestation.

Expelling them
Expelling mice out of the attic is a very tricky affair. This is because when they invade a space, they start breeding. There are lots of methods that can be applied to expel the rodents from the attic. However, most of the methods are not safe to use where there is a nest within. It is therefore very important to find out whether there are young ones in the attic before you seal it off.

Mice have always been known to be prolific breeders. They are actually fertile by the time they turn 50 days old. They can also breed all through the year, and their gestation period is around 20 days. A litter of mice can contain 10-12 mice at a time. The above facts go to show that one should be very careful when dealing with an infestation since it is almost always likely that there will be a nest within the attic.

The nest
If you do find a nest of mice within the attic, you need to know that the young ones are not in a position to take care of themselves unless there is an adult around. If they are left on their own, they will definitely die. It is not humane to leave the babies all by themselves. One way elimination chambers are not recommended when there is a nest within the attic. This is because the young ones will not be able to move out of the attic. Using live traps is always considered as a good idea. This is because as you are relocating the adult mice to a safe location away from the human establishment, you can move the litter too.

In case you find a nest of mice stranded in the attic, you can take them to a wildlife rehabilitator who will be able to handle the situation in the best way possible. It is important that the young ones be kept warm at all times until such a time that a professional comes in the picture to help. Wildlife rehabilitators have the knowhow and equipment to handle such matters in a swift and safe way.

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