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It’s a sad reality of today that no matter how well you think you might have protected against it, there may be mice who have found their way into your home. While most people might not know, often homeowners will hear scratching in their walls, or notice that bags of pet food, newspapers, etc, have been chewed through. While mice might seem to be a big deal most of the time, the problem can get out of hand much more quickly than you realize, and puts your family at risk of diseases primarily spread by the rodent. If you think you may have mice, and aren’t sure how to go about getting rid of them, don’t worry because today we will walk you through the steps to get rid of the Intruders and protect yourself and your family in the process.

First, you should inspect your home. Do you hear scratching in the walls at night? Are bags of cat and dog food mysteriously developing holes over night? These are all signs that these furry intruders have made their way into your walls. Look carefully all over your home, checking for any areas that mice might use to gain entrance. Keep in mind that these areas can be incredibly small, sometimes smaller than a dime, and can be anywhere from your roof to your foundation, so be thorough in your search. If you are still having trouble with finding places to look, then take out a black light: mouse urine will be detected by the light, often leading you right to popular entry points.

After you have found all the areas that mice like to get into the house at, then you should look into sealing them up to prevent future entry. Seal the holes with something strong and chew-resistant, like steel, which you should then either bolt into place, or cover with a silicon sealant agent. This will keep the mice trapped, as well as cut future mice off from getting back in to your house.

After you have sealed off the key entry points, keeping the problem from getting any bigger, you should then work on getting out the few mice that might still be in your home. One of the best ways to get rid of these rodents once and for all is by using traps. There are various traps available on the market today, but most experts suggest using a snap trap, proven to be the most effective.

Experts suggest giving a few days for the traps to take effect and finish off the nests of mice that might be hiding in your attic. When you don’t hear scratching in your walls anymore, you can begin removing the mice from your attic. At this point, it’s time to do another run-through of your attic, finally finishing up by cleaning out the area. Make sure to remove all of the mouse droppings, and replace any insulation that has been damaged by the rodents.

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Do Mice Chew Pipes And Pictures? If you have mice in your home then you may be wondering about the damage that they can cause. One of the most asked questions is do mice chew pipes or pictures? The simple answer is yes. Mice will chew on these things, but unlike what many people believe they do not do so in order to use them as a food source. Mice will chew through things because they want to get somewhere or because they want to nest in a particular location. Needless to say the chewing that mice do may end up costing you a pretty penny. The place that you will find most of the chewed up pictures or papers for that matter is in the attic or the basement. The reason why those places are more likely than others is because mice already find the darkness and coziness of those places to be a welcoming home location. The same is true with pipes, except that they can also be chewed behind your walls and that is when mice damage can go from a couple of dollars to a couple of thousand. Using metal boxes for your pictures and a metal fence on your pipes will save you money and memories if you have mice.

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