Will repellents get a house mouse out of the attic?

Mice can be a real disadvantage once they create a habitat in the attic and develop in large numbers. They destroy food by taking small unplanned bites out of bread, cheese, vegetables and also meat. They can also infect food with germs and bacteria because mice walk around places that are warm and enclosed which are conducive bacteria-sustaining areas. They transfer this bacterium to the food they step on and this can be very dangerous to humans once they consume this food. Because of these inconveniences that mice crate in households, people take the initiative of getting rid of house mice from the attic.

Some people take the option of using repellents to remove the house mice out of the attic. The question is, are repellents appropriate enough to help take care of the problem? Do they work effectively like other methods of eliminating mice from the attic? Will a repellent get a house mouse out of the attic?

The most appropriate answer is NO.

Repellents do not work efficiently like other methods of mouse removal which completely take care of the problem. These so called mouse repellents do not work.This article will explain to readers why not to use repellents to take care of mice problems in your attic.Here are some of the reasons why mice repellents will not work:

Most mice have a very narrow shelter range. This means that once they find a good place to create a habitat, they will strongly stay unless necessary factors such as predators chase them away. And again this is very difficult. When you apply mouse repellent in areas of your attic with the intention of getting rid of the mouse, the mouse will usually wait for the effects of the repellent to wear off and go back to its home. If a mouse is chased form its home, it is unable to survive. It will probably be eaten by predators or freeze until it dies. Therefore, applying mouse repellents such as Mothballs, Peppermint and also High-pitched sound devices will be in vain. Once the effects of the repellents wear off the mouse will return.

Another simple reason why these mouse repellent do not work is that THEY DO NOT WORK. From Peppermint to Mothballs, these mouse eradication techniques have been tested and proven to be ineffective. Purchasing such material with the aim of getting rid of mice is useless and a waste of money.

Scientists have come up with Ultrasonic Mice Repellents which they claim to emit sound waves that irritate the mouse and drive it out of its shelter. It has not been proven yet whether this is actually effective since there are mixed reactions towards this invention. All in all, repellents do not work on mice. If you want to get rid of mice, use other methods.

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