Do mice make good pets?

Sure! Mice make great pets, so long as you like mice and want to care for a pet mouse correctly. But this does't mean the pest mice that invade your house or attic. You probably want good mice from a pet store.

Inquisitive, entertaining, friendly, and just the perfect pocket size- mice can certainly make perky little pets. As a little known fact, mice have actually been bred as pets since an estimated 500 years AC. Today, pet mice are not as popular in pet shops as they use to be at one time. But contrary to this state of affairs, the fact remains that mice make great pets. Because the pet mouse is low maintenance, it does not require a lot of space and is cheap to feed too. For these reasons and many others, the pet mouse might just become your next best furry companion.

When choosing the right mouse to take home with you, you are spoilt with a choice of over 40 varieties. Beyond the ever-popular “white mouse”, there isof course also the common house mouse, the typical pet shop type, and as far as the crème de la crème of pet mice are concerned - the thoroughbreds. These range in colours from sable to pearl and cinnamon, and beyond to the likes of Himalayan, blue and silver. You will want to make your choice carefully and according to your taste, soon after which you will be falling in love by looking into the bright and lively eyes of your newly acquired pet.

So you’re convinced? Good. The first thing now is to decide whetheryou want just one mouse or several pet mice. This is quite important to consider, as you do not necessarily want litters of tiny little mice on your hands after accidentally pairing a male and a female. It is most sensible to keep two female mice together, as they make for fantastic company for each other. As for the males, they do not generally befriend one another and will fight to the bitter end. If you do not know how to identify male from female, be sure to ask the pet shop assistant, seller or breeder to help you pick out the chosen gender(s).

In light of the above, it is said to be best to buy your pet mouse directly from a pet-mouse breeder, as opposed to buying at a pet shop. The reason for this is due to the fact that pet shop mice are generally prone to pre-infections and diseases, as they mostly roam from rodent mills. So then, once you have your pet you will need to take care of it like the prized possession that it is. Be sure to equip the mouse with everything it needs to thrive. This would include a secure mouse-carrier with bedding,a water dish/drip-bottle,food dishes, toys, exercise wheel, and a hidey-hole for sleeping. Be mindful and innovative and create the best possible environment for your beloved new pet mouse!

When people are considering animals to take in as pets, the first options are usually dogs and cats. There are however many other pets that people take in today, and mice are in the list. Because of our ever-changing lifestyles and urban settings, keeping dogs and cats is not always seen as realistic. We may not have the energy or even the time to take in pets that require more attention and maintenance.

So the answer is yes. Mice can make good pets because they don’t require as much maintenance in comparison to dogs and cats. They also don’t require too much upkeep and they are not as expensive. The cost is in relation to health care, feeding, equipment and so on. Dogs and cats can cause a lot of nuisance in the households, especially related to noise. With mice, noise is an issue that you will not have to deal with. The mice are quiet and use very little space within your household.

Other reasons why they are great pets
Mice are generally very social and intelligent. They are also quite playful, and this makes them the ideal pets for people of all ages. The pets are very friendly and cuddly and can offer the much needed companionship and bond that people usually look for in pets. One of the things that the mouse owners need to deal with is the connotation that they are usually associated with. These small animals are often stigmatized and many people fear them because of the possible diseases that they carry. It is however very important to note that they love to groom and clean just like cats do.

When you choose a mouse to be a pet, you don’t need to vaccinate them. This is another point above the cats and dogs that need to be vaccinated on a regular basis. In the present day, there are domesticated mice which have been through very selective breeding which is quite similar to what is done to dogs and cats. Today, they come in different coat and color variations, and in some instances they have been referred to as fancy. The fancy mice can be compared to the purebred dogs and cats. They also conform to standards that have been established by mice clubs as well as associations.

Despite their being low maintenance kind of animals, it doesn’t mean that they don’t require any kind of maintenance. Just like other pets, it is not wise to just purchase a mouse without much forethought, especially when you aren’t ready to devote finances and time to taking care of them and giving them the much needed attention.

Taking time to play and bond with the animals is always something that gives joy. Mice make excellent pets. They are very curious and gentle and they are also rather intelligent. They aren’t noisy and feeding them costs very little. They give great pleasure when one gets the chance to interact with and observe them. The greatest disappointment is the fact that they don’t have a long lifespan. This means that they will go much sooner than you expect and this may take a toll on you emotionally.

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