What if a house mouse got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc?

No matter where you live, whether it is country or the city you can be infested with mice. These nasty critters are happy to move into your space like your house, bedroom, or kitchen! Once you realize that you have mice, it is almost too late.

Here are just a few of the problems caused by mice
• Mice are detrimental with their chewing – wires, drywall, fabric, boxes, furniture and more can fall victim to their constant need to chew.
• Mice are fast breeders. They can breed all year long and reproduce at a shocking rate.
• Mice are filthy and spread a pests and diseases wherever they go.
• Mice play hosts to other types of health hazards like skin mites, Ticks and fleas, ringworm, and tapeworms.
Mice can transmit pests and diseases in several different ways.
• They can be spread through physical contact such as a scratch or bite.
• There is fecal contamination of foods and the water.
• And some diseases are simply tracked in on the mouse’s feet while others are spread by parasites like fleas and ticks.

Here are a few options to help you decide if you can DIY or if you need professional help.
First Determine that your problem is mice. You can find lots of info on mouse behavior to know what signs to watch for.
• Greasy brown staining or smears at entry points and rice shaped dark droppings will be visible.
• Inspect spaces you believe to be infested like your attic, kitchen, garage, and pantry.
• Listen for scratching and skittering sounds inside your ceilings or walls.
• Have visual confirmation by seeing a mouse

Now you need to Find out how mice are getting in.
• Some holes can be as small as 2 inches wide, or even appear to be just a hole in the ground.
• Inspect your entire home, from the ground up. Examine the roof, bird blocking, and eaves.
• Check your foundation for any cracks or fissures as well.

Eradicate those mice!- Once you have located all entryways and found nesting areas it is time to get rid of them. You can choose to use poisons, but those can be hazardous to your family, animals, and the earth. They can result in dead bodies that are trapped in the walls.

How about using traps? These will almost always kill the mouse, but now you have a gory body to dispose of. Glue traps, snap traps, and box traps will catch the mouse, but often they suffer a cruel death.

Here are some humane choices that can help you be rid you of your problem.
Set live traps; these are easy to use. You will need to release the trapped mice. Free them at least 6 miles away to prevent their return.
Exclusion funnels are another great choice. This simple funnel design allows the mouse to leave its home, but won’t let it back in.
If all these choices seem to daunting, call a professional and rest easy knowing it will all be handled for you in a safe and effective way?

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