How to get mice out of blown insulation

Removing mice in the insulation of your attic is the same process as mice in any other part of the house. The insulation might seem to make it harder, but it's not really more difficult. Now, removing a DEAD mouse from blown-in insulation is very hard, because it's hard to find.

Step 1: Inspect the attic for trails and mouse poop in the insulation, and correctly identify that mice are the problem animal.
Step 2: Inspect the entire exterior of the house from top to bottom and seal shut, with metal, any open holes bigger than a dime.
Step 3: Set mouse traps, the wooden snap traps, baited with peanut butter, in the attic and areas where you see activity. You can set these traps on top of insulation, near tunnels.
Step 4: Check the traps and remove mice until you catch no more and hear no more sounds.
Step 5: If you still hear sounds, repeat step 2, but do it better.

Nobody likes unwanted critters invading their home. Mice invading your attic can cause some serious problems in both rural and more suburban areas. Mice think your attic could be the perfect place to nest and raise a family. It provides a space that is safe from predators, dry, and near to plenty of food and water. As soon as you discover these vermin carrying pests in your home, you take action!

Here are simple steps to help you plan:
1) Make sure you have mice
Examine the exterior of your home for holes or chewed base boards or siding. Greasy smears will surround their entry holes Scat (droppings) the size of a grain of rice will be scattered about in piles. Chattering or squeaking and scratching sounds in walls or attics are common. You might even catch one running across the floor to make a visual identification.

2) Find out how mice are getting in
You must identify their entryways and seal them up, they will return. Inspect the exterior of your home. Mouse holes will have a large concentration of greasy residue marks, feces, and some fur around them. Mice are nocturnal (active at night) so you should hear them from dark to dawn.

3)Decide on your method of eradication
You have confirmed a mouse infestation, and discovered how they are getting in. Now what? Do you want to just make them leave? Do you wish to kill them? What if they have babies? If they are killed, what type will you use and how will you deal with the bodies? If you run them off where do they go and will they return? If you set rap to capture them live, what are you going to do with them?

4) Once you form a plan, make it happen.
If you choose to kill them, poison is a common option. There are choices. You can put out poisoned bait, and get the desired results but death of all the animals could take days. Another option is poison gas bombs. This demands you block all entryways to your attic at once and secure any vents or leaks into your home. This is not the best choice. Live traps seem to be a great way to catch them- one at a time. This is a time consuming venture unless you plan to set multiple traps in key locations. Exclusion or funnel traps are a great simple and easy to use choice for getting rid of the mice. Just place the wide end of the funnel over an existing mouse hole. They leave through the large end, and they cannot return through the small end. This method forces them to move elsewhere. If you want to catch them, You can place a cage on the end of the funnel, and be able to release them elsewhere. This especially good if the mouse has a nest of young. Another advantage to attaching a cage is to capture several before you have to empty the cage.

5) Once they are gone
After you are sure you are all- clear, remove any traps or poison containers and permanently seal all holes. Consult with your local animal control, wildlife removal service to help you with any needed animal relocation, and to set up a plan for prevention. Thoroughly clean any area inhabited by the mice with a strong disinfectant and remove any debris. Dispose of debris or bodies in your outside trash. Always wear protective gear when cleaning up this type of mess. Take preventative measures around your home to make it unattractive to mice and other nuisance wildlife. If you follow these simple rules, you should be able to quickly rid your home of mice, and keep them gone!

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