What should I do with a house mouse after I catch it?

A mouse in your house can drive you crazy. There is almost nothing you won’t do to get rid of it right? Even though you spent hours trying to get rid of that pesky mouse in your house, did you ever think of what would happen AFTER you caught a living breathing mouse? Did you plan on killing it or letting it go? There are so many variables that could affect what you could do with your mouse, especially if you decide to relocate/release it. What if its winter and there is snow and ice everywhere? How will it survive in freezing temperatures? Even if you set the traps during spring or summer months when the weather is nice and there is abundant food and water outside, it still does not insure the furry creature’s survival. There is really no such thing as a humane mouse trap. Releasing the mouse in to the wild can result in the following scenarios:

1) the newly freed mouse can be stalked, terrorized, and eaten by a predator like a cat or other carnivore.
2) The mouse could be run over by a car
3) The mouse is in danger of Dying from starvation, dehydration, or some other natural causes.
4) A desperate mouse could just move into someone else's house. The little mouse’s new landlord will just start the cycle over as they will either kill it or release it, or allow it to be destroyed by their cat.
5) In order to keep the mouse from coming back to your house, you must take it at least 6 miles away. Mice are territorial and not too friendly to outsiders.

Many times the best and most humane solution to the problem is to dispatch the little mouse. There are many ways to accomplish this quickly, and with little mess. Here are just a few ways to manage this.
Once you have trapped your mouse, using a gloved hand, Flip a plastic bag inside out, covering your glove with it. Firmly grab the trapped mouse with your gloved hand while using your free hand, to roll the plastic bag over it so you can seal it shut with the mouse trapped inside. Now Lay the bag on the floor, and quickly smack the mouse with a heavy object like a book or a shoe. Try to hit its head for a quick and nearly painless death. Dispose of the bagged body properly.

Another choice is to fill an airtight container with a cup containing equal parts vinegar and baking soda, drop in the mouse, and then quickly seal the lid. This will result in a quick and painless death by asphyxiation.

You can also take your bagged mouse and drop it in the deepfreeze allowing it to freeze to death.
Another quick way to kill a mouse is to apply a quick and hard amount of pressure to the base of the skull where it joins the spine.
If you catch your mouse in a cage trap, you can drop it in a bucket of water for several minutes, allowing it to drown.
If none of these solutions appeal to you, you can call a local animal removal service to take care of the problem.

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