Mice, the furry rodents that can make their way into your home, spread disease, and chew up your wires, causing expensive repairs, can be troublesome. If you have figured out that you have mice in your home or attic, and aren’t sure how to get rid of them, I have good news for you: traps are now more accommodating than ever before, and come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easier than ever to find one that you feel comfortable with using to get rid of your ‘furry, little problem’.

The first line of defense against mice is the good old fashioned mousetraps. You should always buy more than you need, at first, with the goal to catch most mice within the first few days that you have the traps set up. The last thing that you want to happen is to give the mice a chance to continue breeding, making your problem blow up into a full-blown infestation. Experts generally recommend setting up a minimum of six traps, with at least a few different types thrown in.

Generally, there are three types of traps that experts suggest using: an electric mouse trap; snap traps; and live catch traps. Electric mouse traps, while still new, are generally quick, clean, and effective. They also have the advantage of being easy to set, and allowing you to dispose of the trap without having to touch a dead mouse. The electric shock that is generated by these traps also makes sure that the deed is both quick and humane to the mouse.

Generally, experts suggest using a snap trap, since they are the easiest overall for catching mice. Snap traps are not only easy to set, but also to bait, release the mouse into the wild, and reuse. Made of both heavy plastic and steel, they are also the kind of traps that are easily reusable, without having to worry that they will break or malfunction in some way. Most stores run sales on these traps, and often they are sold in six-packs, which can also make them the most economical choice amongst the many types available.

In recent years, the ‘live catch’ traps have also gained popularity amongst homeowners. These traps are designed in a similar way to a cage, allowing the mouse to have adequate air flow while they are waiting to be released back outside. If you are considering these kind of traps, though, you should adequately prepare your house beforehand, to make sure that these furry critters don’t make their way back in after being caught and released back outside.

There are many ways to catch mice on the market today, and, with the options getting better and more animal-friendly as time goes on, there is a trap for every type of homeowner. If you have a problem with mice getting into your house, you should always research the types of traps beforehand, and make sure that you are getting one that is both good for your situation, you are comfortable using, and that is the best price.

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