Humane Mouse Control - Get rid of mice without killing them

As opposed to years prior, when the only way to get rid of a mouse infestation was to set traps that killed them, there are now more diverse options on the market, allowing for a more humane trapping of the mice that have infested your home. Many of these methods rely on how the mouse is built, often using their sensitive sense of smell or taste against them, and even turning their extremely sensitive hearing to run them off. If you are worried about traditional traps, or using poison around pets or children, there are many other ways to get rid of mice, without having to risk your or your family’s safety.

One of the most popular new ways to get rid of mice without killing them is by using electronic repellants. Mice have extremely sensitive hearing, which is irritated by high pitched noises. Many companies, using this theory, have developed sonar repellants, which emit a high-frequency noise that hurts the mouse’s ears and leads to it running far away from your home.

Another popular way to get rid of mice without killing them, with the added benefit that you don’t even have to touch or see the dead rodent, is by live-catching them: attracting the mice via bait, shutting it into a cage, and letting you release it far away from your home at your leisure. While this method takes more effort than poison, you also can catch and release the mouse without having to touch it- thereby avoiding contact with potential diseases. On the down side, these traps are more effective when used to capture one or two individual mice that might have made their way into your home, but not so much with larger infestations.

Using the proper bait is another key to making sure that your trapping remains humane, while still fixing the problem with mice being in your home. While strong cheese might work, mice are far more partial to foods like crackers, peanut butter, or nuts, on the savory end. These have all been proven multiple times to work, and will lure the critters out and into your trap quickly. Other foods to try when capturing a mouse are sweet foods, which mice generally love, such as chocolate and candy, or even a cotton ball placed by the entry to their nest, with vanilla flavoring dripped onto it. If you are really in a pinch, and just want the critter gone, you might also try wet cat or dog food, whose strong smells will lure even the pickiest mouse out and into your trap.

While many people worry that a mouse infestation can quickly take over your home, and that the only solution to it is an inhumane method, there are multiple methods that can be used safely, and humanely. These options are great for keeping your home safe, while lifting the worry that you might have with poisons being around your children and pets.

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