How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove mice without trapping them

Mice are wily and invasive creatures that can cause extensive damage to your home and property with their constant chewing, feces and spreading of pests or diseases. Whether they move in to your home, garage, or vacant building, you know you want them gone as fast as possible- preferably before they have a chance to breed and raise their family in your home! There are various methods of mouse control on the market today, but many DIY means are proven to be ineffective, involve dangerous chemicals or poisons, or are cruel and messy to use. Cage traps have been shown to be an effective way to catch a mouse or two, but you probably have a hundred or more. Other types of traps like snap traps or sticky traps may kill your unwanted guest, but can be inhumane, and now you have a gory body to dispose of. Poison is not a sure-fire method, and can be a danger to your family, your animals, and the environment. We have an almost perfect solution-The one way exclusion funnel. This could really be the best device ever for ridding your home of pesky mice.

The one way exclusion funnel works on a really simple premise. It uses the mice own “doorway” to permanently remove them from your home! The device can be easily made at home by using ¼ “hardware cloth (a medium weigh wire) rolled into the shape of a funnel, and some self tapping screws. Once you have located the mouse trail, you take the large end of the funnel and attach it to over the mouse’s own entrance/exit. Once you Attach the wider end of the funnel over the frequently used mouse hole, your “trap is set. It is just that easy. You want to Use the existing mouse hole so as to not startle or forewarn the animals The One way Exclusion funnel is perfect for families with small children, pets, and the environment because it requires no bait, and contains no poisons or other dangerous components to use. The idea is simple and practically foolproof. The mouse leaves its home through the hole at the wide end of the funnel. It is able to fit through the funnel’s narrow end, which open easily for it to leave, but collapses after its exit.

When the mouse tries to return home it finds that the hole is far too small for re- entry. When the mouse realizes it can’t get back in, it is forced to look for other quarters. Although this is a practical and successful method of eradication, you must be persistent in using the exclusion funnel. Make sure you install the funnel while the mice are in the building. Keep close track of the activity so that you will know when the mice are gone. Once you have confirmed the mice are gone, check for nests with any babies. When the coast is “all-clear”, remove your exclusion funnel (s) and permanently seal the hole(s). Be sure to save your exclusion funnel for future use!

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