How to find and remove a dead house mouse

House mice will decide to enter into the house because of many reasons, and they include water, shelter and food. When they are already indoors, they may die from electrocution or old age. The first sign to know if there is a dead animal in the place is the odor from the decaying animal. Most of the time the house mice will die inside a wall, cabinet or behind a refrigerator. When mice die in the wall, it will not be easy to access them. The homeowner will have to mask the odor in the house if they do not attempt to remove such a dead animal. When you see metallic green or blue flies and some blow flies, then you should know that a dead animal may be near. When you follow where the insects come from or where they are going, you may find a dead mouse. You should not pick up a dead mouse, nest material or mice feces using your bare hands. You should wear protective gloves. Start by using a disinfectant at the place where the rodent is and the surrounding places. The bag that contains the dead mice, nests and feces should be tied up and disposed of at once.

You cannot find a dead mouse if you do not take the time to sniff around until you reach where it is. It can be hard to know where the smell is since the entire building will be stinking. You should check the places where the smell gets worse. Some people may have experience with their smell so they know exactly the type of animal that died and where it died through sniffing.

If the mice died in attic, it may turn out to be tricky since it gets hard to follow the air flow within the attic. The reason for this is because the attic is normally well ventilated and the smell will become worse within the house itself.

When the mouse dies within the wall, it will tend to be at the bottom of a wall, and it will not be levitating in the middle of a wall if there is no cross stud to hold it. It is easy to access a dead mouse from the attic, but some buildings may not allow it. Sometimes you may have to cut a hole using a dry wall saw.

When the mouse dies in a ceiling but you have no attic where you can crawl inside, then you should start by pinpointing the place and then cutting into the drywall using a saw, and then removing the dead animal where it is found. You can spray it with the cleaner and then seal up the hole using a drywall patch or brackets.

When you remove a dead mouse, you will not be able to get rid of the entire odor. You will also have to scoop up maggots so that there will be no fly hatching. You can then use cleaning disinfectants. It can take a long time to find the smell of a mouse since the smell may not be that strong.

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