How to keep mice out of my garden

Mice in the garden are problem and also health hazard for all the diseases they can be carriers of. It is not uncommon for house mice to be present in our gardens, because gardens are readily available food storage. Mice are omnivores, which mean that they eat everything they find-including vegetables in your garden. First step one must take is to verify that mice are present in the garden. You will discover this with presence of their droppings and traces of teeth they leave on vegetables. They don't eat a lot at once-they will bite here and there, casing damage to large area of your garden, because mice' bitten veggies can't be consumed by people afterwards. It is most likely that you will actually notice mice in your garden in early morning or during the night, because they are primarily nocturnal animals, i.e. active during the night. Mice might even build their nest in secluded corner of your garden-look for cluttered spots, with piles of dry grass, for example.

Now, when you have definitely verified mice presence in your garden, you need to consider options to remove them from there. Traps are most common choice when it comes to mice control in the garden. Before posting traps in garden, make sure that your pets and children don have access to that area because they could encounter traps and get hurt. The same goes if you consider using poison (although this is something we definitely discourage. Poison can get transferred to vegetables you will eat afterwards; besides, poisoning in inhumane way to kill any animal, even the pest). Make sure that it is out of reach of pets and children!

Before placing the traps in the garden to catch mice, it is necessary to prepare the area for the capturing procedure. You need to clear away all the debris, junk and clutter. Clear areas make mice uncomfortable because they don't have anywhere to hide and they really don't like running over clear areas. This alone could be reason for them to get away from your garden.

After you have cleared and cleaned areas in garden, it is time to place traps. There are different trap models, but we recommend using snap traps because they are most effective and thus most humane. Once the snap is released, it will quickly break animal's neck and cause instant death. Place several traps with 5-10 feet distance between them and check them often to make sure there is fresh bait and you remove caught mice as soon as possible, to bait the trap and put it in action again.

Traps are excellent method to catch majority of mice and protect your garden from these destructive vermin. Meanwhile, you need to keep your pets and children away from the garden to prevent problems we have already pointed to. After you have saved your garden, you should still keep in mind to clear all the areas, in order to discourage mice from getting back.

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