Humane mouse traps

There are three distinct kinds of humane mouse traps available. All three traps allow you to visually see when you catch the mice, so you can release them quickly and safely.

The “Havahart mouse trap,” or as some like to call them the have a heart mouse traps, are a wonderful, safe solution for anyone that just can’t bare to see any living thing be harmed or hurt.

The “Havahart traps” are made of wire mesh and reinforced with steel. It is a very safe humane trap to set up and display in an area where you notice the mouse’s location of entry, and it won’t harm the unsuspecting mice that are in your home. How the Havahart mouse traps are designed to work is it has two doors on either side of the trap positioned so a mouse can enter from either side of the humane trap. Once the mouse enters the trap and triggers the spring mechanism built inside of this amazing humane trap, it makes the doors on either end of the trap snap closed, catching the mouse inside humanely and safely without harming you or the unsuspecting mouse.

The next trap is called the “Smart Mouse Trap”. The smart mouse trap is one of the prettiest of the humane mouse traps available. It is made from green, transparent plastic and it is shaped into a slim little mouse house, which makes it a perfect trap to keep the mouse safe and secure inside of the housing of this unique trap. The “Smart Mouse Trap” has the distinction of being a trap that is recommended by humane societies and animal rights organizations both in the United States and worldwide.

There is a stainless-steel spring under the plastic platform that snaps the trap door closed after the mouse has stepped onto the trigger plate built inside of this unique trap. You will need to place the bait of your choice inside the trap onto the removable door between two pieces of plastic, and this way the mouse does not actually eat the bait that you have placed inside of the trap. Choosing one of the stronger smelling mouse trap baits is ideal for this trap.

Another humane trap is “Mice Cubes”. The Mice Cube is a a no kill, safe, humane trap made of a semi-clear, hard, durable plastic rectangle box. This mouse trap has a very simple design that is the easiest to use of all the humane mouse traps that are available on the market and nationwide. The trap has one door made of lightweight plastic that swings inwards when the unsuspecting mouse enters the trap. Then it closes behind him making it impossible for the mouse to escape. You can place the bait in the far end of the trap to help entice the mouse to enter inside of this humane trap. There is a big possibility to catch more than one mouse at a time, although it will become cramped and uncomfortable for the mice inside if more than one is caught inside the trap before the mice/mouse are released out of the trap. To make this a better and more humane mouse trap, you should drill enough ventilation holes into the plastic cube, especially when you are using it and are not able to attend to it on an everyday basis.

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