Will a pest control company remove a house mouse?

A pest control company is called upon to deal with crawly animals with six legs, but they will sometimes not be able to deal with house mice successful. When it comes to dealing with pest control, you should keep the following in mind.

The house mice may come back, but the pest control staff will not. Sometimes you may sign a contract with the pest control company to do regular services which guarantee them a regular job, but it will not guarantee you the success in getting rid of the mice. Make sure that the company is guaranteeing to get rid of the mice completely.

You should not bother with buying and using expensive bait.
The rodenticide is a type of poison bait and it should be put where children and animals are not able to reach it. The poison should be put in a resistant tamper bait trap which will hold the bait in one place and will keep the pets and children out. Some poisons are single feeding bait, and the animal requires a lethal dose or one feeding to die. The poison can be in block, blox, meal and pellet form.

Many pest control companies will turn to poison as the first method in dealing with rodents and mice. Even if it can be effective in chasing away the mice from any infested areas like a recreational vehicle, barn or home, it is not always the right method for you to use.

Using poison can be harmful to animals and humans. In case you have children, farm animals or house pets, you will have to be careful when it comes to using the poison. Sometimes responsible adults may also get in contact with the mouse poison.

Mouse poison cannot get rid of mice completely. Even if it can kill them, you will have to dispose of the rodent remains. When the mouse goes back to where it lives in the wall or in another hidden area, it will be hard to get it out in case it dies there. It will lead to a horrible smell and it can be difficult to remove and also costly if you have to tear the entire wall apart.

House mice may carry many diseases and you will be at high risk if you have to dispose of dead rodents. Even with extra precautions, you will always be exposed to parasites and diseases while removing these dead mice.

Trapping offers more advantages instead of using the rodent bait. A top advantage for trapping is that you get to see the rodent and there is no need to try to locate the mouse that is dead. Some traps are common and they can be used in killing the mice in homes. To achieve the best results, such traps should be set at the walls when a trigger place is facing the wall. Glue boards are effective also, but they are not recommended because they are inhumane.

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