How to get mice out of the garage

Remove all the pet food, bird food and other food sources and other things that may pile up in your garage, making a mouse nirvana. The crumbs found under your couch can turn out to be a gourmet treat, and if your toddler loses a cookie, it will be a mouse buffet. You can seal the food you have in containers, not just bags. When you do this, then the food will continue to be safe for a long period without being eaten by the mice.

The mice are attracted to the garage naturally. The garages offer shelter and warmth, and this is why the mice choose to live in them. The garage is the first place where the mouse will live before they decide to enter into the home. When you do not check the home, the infestation can grow incredibly in a few months.

You should learn the best way to deal with the mice in the garage, how to set up the traps and how to keep mice out. Besides the warmth, many garages are cluttered and they give places where the mice may hide from their predators. If you keep food or bird seed in the garage, the mice will enter into them looking for the food. The mice will gnaw to enter into cardboard boxes and bags. The mice will also find nesting materials in the garage like debris, leaves, cotton and paper.

If you want to prevent the mice from living in the garage, you should keep them from entering inside the garage in the first place. You can find different ways that the pesky rodents may enter the garage and then seal these entrances. The garage doors are the easiest and simplest way that the mice will enter into the garage. When the mice have chewed on the garage to enter, you should use a rodent guard to keep them out. The guards are made using metal, which means that the mice will not gnaw or chew on them.

You may also use thresholds, rubbers sweeps and vinyl in order to eliminate the gaps found under a door. If the mice are entering through the vents and plumbing holes, then you have to seal the vents, pipes, drains and seals. If you have an air conditioner in your garage, check the connection of the air conditioner and ensure that it has been sealed tightly. The mice may squeeze within the gaps of even one fingernail size when there is a poor connection. When you make sure that the garage is sealed, it can be the best way that you can keep the rodents outside. However, if the mice are already inside, then you should learn how to get them away through the use of bait and traps.

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