Will a strobing light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on mice?

When your home is overrun by mice you feel as though you would do almost anything to make them leave. You probably also feel like killing them is not an option you want to explore so you start investigating other possibilities. Before long you start seeing ads for a lot of devices developed especially for repelling mice. It seems logical that you would want to try at least one of these devices because they claim to be easy to use, safe for the environment, and yet promise to get rid of the mice. Unfortunately, you would be joining the ranks of other consumers who were sold a bum deal. Most mouse repellent devices for sale today claim to have their own unique qualities that make them far superior to similar devices. Unfortunately studies have found that most of these devices don’t really work very well at all. If you are still not convinced that these machines will only waste your time and money, here is a list of the more popular devices on the market today.

All number of these machines features high tech whirligigs and they use wind or batteries to power them. Some more expensive models even use or solar power in order to operate. Some designs have moving parts that wave about like arms, others use highly reflective surfaces. There are devices that spin, flash, or flutter around in order to “scare” the mice. The average consumer pays 40.00$ to 150.00$ for just the simplest of these high tech scare crows. While any of these high tech gadgets might look impressive, they fall short of delivering their promises. They might give the mice a fright at first, but it is only a matter of time before they realize that this simple motion is the extent of the threat, and they simply learn to ignore it.

Another fairly disappointing device is the battery or solar operated sonic emitter. These devices promise to cover a large area for as long as the sound continues. These machines come in different styles with some of the devices made to be motion sensitive, while some run consistently. You can also find deluxe models that come with flashing strobe lights and sonic sound. These claim to run mice off and keep them gone. Another style features a motion sensor that only lights up and put out a high pitch when a mouse triggers a motion sensor. Another type features spinning mirrors that are accompanied by a piercing sound.

Machines such as these run anywhere from 40.00$ to 400.00$. There are even more costly machines that claim to work by emitting a tone so high pitch that is undetectable to the human ear. This style is upwards of 500.00 dollars. It is unfortunate that some of these machines actually put out such a high pitch that it can cause extreme distress for animals besides mice, and in some cases humans. Working towards preventing an infestation from happening, and working with a trained professional to control any existing problem is a far better use of money and time!

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