What to do about a house mouse on the roof

Mice are great climbers. They can make their way up chimneys and make an entry through openings that are very small. If you hear the sound of mice in the ceilings and the drywall and ignore it, it won’t make them go away. In fact, ignoring a mice issue leads to a great infestation that causes more damage and gets more difficult to handle as time passes by. A pair of mice can produce around 10 litters within a single year. Each litter may have around 10-12 young ones at a time.

Mice cause a lot of damage to your home. They will chew the insulation, clothing and paper so as to create a favorable nesting area. They have teeth that never stop growing, and this is actually what gives them the insatiable urge to gnaw at everything. They are known to chew into electrical wiring, which can lead to fires in most cases. You need to realize that even the smallest openings in your home are enough to allow a mouse to go through.

When the mice are able to get to your wall, getting to the attic and the roof is not a hard thing to do. Dealing with mice requires house proofing your home first, regardless of where the infestation lies.

How to go about it
When you have mice on the roof of your home, you need to first locate all the gaps and holes that are at the lower levels. You need to inspect the dryer vents, coaxial cables, conduits, pipes and all the openings that aren’t sealed. The joints in walls and sills at the foundation also need to be checked. Windows and the framings of doors should also be inspected. The eaves and the flashing near the chimneys, attic vents and roof fans need to be checked too.

If during the inspection you come across gaps that have a width of ½ an inch, make sure you fill them. Gaps that are ¼ inch or even wider should also be filled.

Stainless steel wool can be used in instances where the gaps are larger. The steel can be pressed into place using a screwdriver that has a flat head. Dealing with all the gaps and openings is very important. You also need to clear your yard of all debris and areas that mice can use to hide. You should also make it impossible for the mice to climb walls and access any parts of the house.

There are different methods that can be applied so as to deal with a mice infestation. One of the most popular methods that is used today is the use of mouse snap traps. The only issue with this method is the fact that the mice don’t survive. Be sure to check with local authorities to see if this is allowed in your area.

Live trapping is yet another method that can be used. The traps are usually set in areas where the mice frequent regularly. Tracking their trails is very important in the capture process. You can choose to enlist the services of a professional trapper to deal with the issue in the correct manner.

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