Will repellents get a house mouse out of the attic? (None work well)

Mice, like most mammals, have a natural need to nest and raise their young. In the wild they live in bushes, fallen debris, and undergrowth. If mice find themselves in a more urban setting, they will use what nesting areas become available to them. Your secluded attic space is a perfect for that. If you discover have mice in your attic, and don’t want to harm them you might consider one of the many repellents that you see advertised. Don’t believe the hype!! These products will waste your valuable time and money. When it is all over you will be more frustrated when your money is gone and your mouse problem is not. There are no truly effective mouse repellents on the market today. You are not going to find any device, machine, potion or powder that is going to make mice leave your home for good.

No box can, shaker or bottle on your pantry shelves or stowed in the garage, laundry room, or on your back porch can solve your mouse problem by simply tossing it on the floor or spraying the air. No loud noise or flashing light is going to make the mice immediately abandon their nests, especially if they have young. You would be surprised how many Old wives tales claim that household chemicals, certain spices, and specific types of laundry products can make mice so uncomfortable that will give up their home to be away from it. Many companies claim that machines with high pitched frequencies, sonic emitters, loud radios, and bright flashing lights will drive away mice and other rodents. There is no proof that these things work, and even more claims that they don’t. Using these methods and devices will probably annoy you and your family (especially the pets) more than any mice. The only way to successfully get rid of a mouse infestation is to follow a plan that uses verified methods. There are a number of excellent traps and products on the market that really will work. Talk to a professional service or your local agricultural department for advice on what is best in your situation.

Remember that prevention is always the best solution. Periodically inspect your attic, and the exterior of your home for holes or cracks that mice can use to gain access to your home. Look for signs like piles of rice sized droppings scattered about or chewed up items. Dump any standing water sources, clean up debris, and keep your lawn and shrubs trimmed. Make sure that pet food and animal feed is properly stored. Put your garbage in durable cans with tight fitting lids. All of these things can lessen your chances of a mouse infestation. And if you do need more advice on managing a mouse problem, please call an animal removal company, or contact your local agricultural agency for help. These are professionals who are here to help make your life easier in a safe and efficient way.

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