What are some humane ways to kill a house mouse?

We all know the aggravation and anger of a mouse infestation in our homes. Mice are dirty, noisy, and often destructive. They carry body pests and are prone to spread disease. The droppings, the noise, the chewed up bread in the kitchen, and the ruined the box of keepsakes in the attic are almost too much for you to bear. You first thought is to kill them all, but before you buy the first bottle of poison or sticky trap you find, let’s talk about some human ways to kill these critters. After all, even mice have their place in nature. There is no reason any animal needs to be tortured to death.

1. Mouse-Proofing the affected area (yes we know this doesn’t mention killing)
If mice are only prevalent in certain areas of your home, maybe you can simply restrict their access to those areas by blocking entryways with insulation or spray foam.

2. Get an animal as a deterrent (Cat or a Mouse Terrier)
If you don’t already have a four legged friend to assume these critter-deterrent responsibilities, think about it! It might be time for you to get a fur baby! Some folks may find allowing cats and rat terriers to hunt defenseless mice seems un-humane, but this method does fit into the circle of life. It is also one more reason not to put out poison!

3. Live Trap and Release (?) your intruder
Live traps are not only affordable; they are also easy to use. They work on a simple premise- mouse goes in to grab bait, the plate is triggered the door(s) fall shut. You now have a live animal to dispose of. PETA stresses that releasing some animals (including mice) more than 100 yards away from its “HOME” is not humane. This means that to ensure the mouse doesn’t return, it must be taken further (WHERE IT MOST LIKELY WILL NOT SURVIVE) or dispatched by your hand.

4. Spring or snap Trap
When mouse populations explode to the point that we feel overrun with them, it becomes time to exert some control. Often we must reduce the population in order to curb destruction of property, or threat of disease. At times like these it is better to resort to tried and true methods. The spring (or snap) trap, is an age-old technology that remains in use today. It probably offers the cleanest and most natural option for killing a mouse. A trap the right size when properly sprung kill a mouse almost instantly. Make sure you get a sturdy larger model to do the job right.

5. DIY Rodent Trap
Look on line and you will find a plethora of perfectly good ideas for this one. Most ideas involve putting peanutbutter on a fulcrum that allows the mouse to fall in a bucket of water. Others include placing a bottle along the wall allowing the mouse to crawl in but not out. You then fill the bottle with water and dispose of it.

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