Do dogs keep rats and mice away?

When you think about an animal that is known for hunting rodents, you probably immediately think about a cat. While cats are usually portrayed as the natural born rodent killer, there is another pet that is an excellent choice. Did you know that there are a number of dog breeds that were bred specifically for rodent control?

Terriers- In England throughout the early part of 20th century rat baiting was considered high sport. It was played by placing a dog in a pit with a batch of rats or mice and betting on how many rodents the dog could kill in a specific amount of time. Thus was born the breed Rat Terrier. As terrier breeds became diversified, Cairn terriers, Jack Russell terriers and a few other types appeared on the scene, but they all share a love of hunting vermin. These dogs have been employed on farms to help protect the crops and feed, and were employed during the bubonic plague in Europe to destroy the diseased rat population. The (possible) downfall to terriers is their constant high- energy level, continuous barking, and the fact they are a “one-pet” animal. While they are great with kids, they do not usually care for other pets.

Dachshunds– The long and lean dogs were specially bred to flush out creatures that burrowed or tunneled. They instinctually love to chase down prey, and dig out rodents and other creatures, and have a great sense of hearing and smell. They are much more laid back than terriers, very loving, and get along well in multi pet families, but they do love to dig! This makes Dachshunds equally useful for keeping your yard free of gophers, voles, and other burrowing pests.

Papillion- These tiny little powerhouses are also known for their rodent clearing prowess. They do not really catch mice or rats, but simply harass them so much that it drives them away. While these super- fun dogs are loving and good-natured, they can be high strung. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety, and their long hair requires frequent grooming.

The plus side to using a dog, as your rodent control plan is the fact that they are on the job 24/7, can be extremely loyal and loving, and it is a natural way to get rid of pests. Before you commit to a four-legged friend, remember this is a living being with needs, and wants to be loved by you. A dog will consider itself part of your family, not just a way for you to be rodent free. If you do not think that you can commit to years of dog breath, daily walks, vet bills, and pet hair everywhere, you might want to explore other options. Contact your local wild animal removal professionals and they can devise a plan just for you. These experts can help you be rid of your rodent problem and devise a plan of prevention that will keep you vermin free!

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