Types of house mouse snap traps

The glue traps may cause the same damaging condition. Even if the glue traps are not used to kill a mouse at once or to break bones, they are painful and bitter compared to the pressure traps because of many reasons.

At the beginning, a mouse may have only a tail or one leg stuck on the sticky tray, and then it may start to worry and try to free itself. As the time passes, the entire body will then get attached to a trap. Since it will be trapped and it will not have any food or water, then it cannot survive for a long period.

Electric trap: one example for the electric trap is the Zapper Rat. It has been designed to kill the mice by using electric shock. A Zapper Rat is small box that has an opening at one end with the bait. When the mouse enters in the box for the food, then it is electrocuted and it gets a deadly shock. The light will start to blink so that it can alert a trapper that there is a rat that was captured.

When you get one unit, you should not have to wait too long before you can empty the trap. You should keep in mind that mice live in groups, so when you see one mouse, you may have at least 5 to 6 mice. When you have many mice, it could take a few months for you to catch them all. You can have more than just one trap. To use it, you should open its lid and put the bait inside. The bait station can be located at the back of a unit to ensure that the mouse is forced to enter completely.

The common snap mouse trap is made with wood, and it was invented 100 years ago. These mouse traps have become trusted around the entire world and in millions of homes by everyone who wants to control the mice in their house. The snap mouse trap is known to be the most reliable and oldest device that is being used to kill the rodents. The snap trap has a kill bar that will fall on the neck of the rodents using a powerful stroke.

The economical trap is the trap that can catch more than one mouse. They will capture one mouse after another. Depending on the model you are using, you can catch over 30 mice. The multiple traps do not contain the kill mechanism, and they will be used by someone who wants to catch the mice and release them. Besides the mice, these traps may also catch some other animals like deer mice, snakes, shrews and voles.

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