How to keep mice out of my garbage

House mice are rodents that like to stay in secluded and warm location, especially during cold season. They are omnivores, which mean that they will eat about anything edible, despite the fact that they have preference toward seeds and nuts. The fact that they eat everything means that they will instantly be attracted to your garbage, if you keep it opened, with all the scents of thrown away food coming out of it. House mice eat throughout the day, despite the fact that they are primarily nocturnal animals. This means that they will use every possible opportunity to get food when it is easily available-and this stands particularly true for food leftovers in the garbage.

If food in your house or in the garbage is easily accessible, if you don't firmly close packaging of the food, containers and garbage bags, they will smell food in it and do everything they can to get to it, and this means that you will instantly attract mice onto your property and into your home.

Quite on the contrary, if you firmly close and keep away all containers with the food as well as garbage bags in garbage bins, food smells will stay hidden and mice will not be attracted to your home. Just as it is important to safely close garbage containers to keep the mice away from your garbage and your home, it is also important to safely close all possible entrances into your home to prevent mice from getting there nevertheless. Mice are small rodents that can take advantage of the smallest cracks to get inside the house, in look out for the food. This is why it is important to completely close all those cracks and openings mice could use to get in. You should also clear all possible hiding points inside your home and around it, just to be sure that mice will keep on moving in a look out for food source. Such hiding spots that should be cleared away are tall grass, bushes, trees near the house, and similar.

Move away bird feeders so that they are not near your house, as well as clutter and garbage piles because these are excellent hiding spots for mice which they often use for nesting purposes.

If you want to make your property less attractive for these small pests, you should keep away all possible food sources, including those you throw away in the garbage. This means that you should clean all surfaces after you eat and wash the dishes instantly. Mice enjoy in thrown food remains, even rotting ones, so this is why it is important to keep counters, sink and stove top clean and clear of food. If you have pets, you should also keep their food safely closed in metal, plastic or glass boxes and containers.

Garbage bins and containers should at all occasions be kept firmly shut, and trash you throw away should be put in firmly closed garbage bags.

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